Weapons of Reason: Power

‘Power’ is the fourth issue of Human After All’s self-initiated publication, Weapons of Reason. The magazine looks to present real world issues in a more accessible way through the use of illustration and datapoints, supporting well-researched editorial. Alongside the WoR team, I worked on the layout of the issue, commissioned around half of the illustrations and designed an accompanying power map microsite, that shines some light on a few interesting world connections.

Human After All

Paul Willoughby (cd)
James Cartwright (editorial)
Danny Miller (planning)
Hannah El-Boghdady (production)
Lauren Baxter (design assistance)

Illustrators commissioned:
Peter Grundy
Jérôme Masi
Angus Greig
Ty Dale
Sarah Vanbelle
Rick Berkelmans

Stack awards (best use of illustration)